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About me

I’m a French Art Director & UX / UI Designer
with 10+ years of work experience.

I’m focused on interaction and visual design for mobile applications. I target simplicity, consistency, cleanness, bug free architecture, and high pace productivity.

Art director and an UI/UX specialist with a great leaning towards all the new technologies and in particular on e-commerce. I can also manage audiovisual projects (music videos, commercials, scenography, etc.).


  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Branding & Identity
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Responsive
  • Prototyping
  • E-commerce

They talk about me

Loïc Brignou, MBA   Loïc Brignou, MBA    Account Director

I had the chance to work with Sébastien at Virus 1334. Sébastien is very efficient and very reliable. He has the ability to respond very quickly to numerous requests without impairing the quality of his designs and the originality of his creations. A very good team player, Sébastien managed to show his global vision of a marketing project, without limiting himself to the obligations related to creation but by taking into account factors pertaining to strategy, customer service and media efforts as well. His creativity, enthusiasm and his reliability make me recommend Sébastien without hesitation to any person who wishes to take on the services of a high-quality partner.

Axel JORON   Axel JORON    FullStack Developer

I have been working along with Sébastien on many web projects for a few years now. Sébastien is a very inspired, precise and thorough web designer and art director. Thanks to his proactivity and the quality of his modern work he managed to express the message expected by our clients perfectly, a token of their full satisfaction. A solid value.

Richard Saad ®   Richard Saad ®   Creative Director

It was a great pleasure to work with Sébastien. Art director, designer, multidisciplinary creative, passionate traveler; here are some of the elements shaping this outstanding designer. His good sense of judgment and his work match the clients’ needs. His talent supplements his cheerful attitude and his joie de vivre. Looking forward to working with you again Sébastien.


Gaël Marthouret   Gaël Marthouret    Art Director

We worked together for a year as art directors at Uniteam. I have great memories of this partnership with Sébastien, of his enthusiasm, his open-mindedness regarding graphic and technological innovations, of his proactivity, etc. He is in sync with his time both visually and creatively.

I'm currently here !

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